Earth Release [Releases Saturday May 13th @ 2:00 PM EST]

Earth Release [Releases Saturday May 13th @ 2:00 PM EST]

👋 Hey everyone!

It's finally here; we are bringing back MineGlobe's beloved realm, Earth! We are very excited to re-release this realm, and look forward to see how the playerbase enjoys this fun treat for the OGs. Without further ado, let's get into the biggest changes with the realm, and some new features that come with it!

Earth will release TOMORROW!

💸New Globe Pro Rank

  • Get access to the perks of the highest rank (Admiral/Warden/Netherite) on all 3 MineGlobe realms!
  • Available as a monthly or annual subscription, you save 30% by choosing the annual subscription!
  • Purchase the new Globe Pro from!

📃Claim Management

Run /claim to use the new GUI!
  • In true MineGlobe fashion, we created our own custom GUI to manage claims!
  • You can see information about your claim (like the size and coords of the claim), teleport to your claim home, claim warps (coming soon), claim upgrades, members of your claim, the claim shop (coming soon), and manage your claim (coming soon)!
  • You can easily access the most important features of your island directly through this menu!
  • This will come to Survival in the future.
Click on MEMBERS from the /claim GUI to use this!

❓Revamped Quests

Start a quest by running /quest!
  • No one used quests on Survival, but we have updated and revamped MineGlobe's quest system for Earth!
  • You can now begin quests for 1.18/1.19 features, such as mining deepslate ores!
  • Use Quests to get money, XP, and more!
  • Further updates to Quests will come in the future.

🛡️New Sunflower Armor Set

  • Our first custom armor set since the Valentines Set!
  • This set will come to all new realms, and have the same qualities as previous custom armor sets.
  • You can also get even more OP gear from the Spring Lootbox!
  • Also coming to Skyblock & Survival.

💲Vanilla-Focused Economy

  • To counter an inflated economy (like has happened with Survival) it is now harder to get large sums of money from farms & related methods.
  • Jobs & Quests are the new primary sources of income for players, increasing player engagement and the enjoyability of the realm. This will decrease the "AFK-ability" of the server and create a more even playing field for new players.
  • Survival will keep it's economy and will not be reset, allowing for those who desire a more traditional economy to enjoy as well!
  • Further updates to the economy will come in the future.

🪨New Ranks

  • Similar perks as the ranks on Survival, but will have (slightly) nerfed kits to promote a more vanilla-focused economy.
  • The ranks will be (in decreasing order): Netherite, Emerald, Diamond, Gold, & Iron
  • These new ranks will be included in the new Globe Pro subscription.
  • Purchase the new ranks from!

🖼️Warp PvP

Run /warp pvp to go to the PvP arena! Beware, you can lose your inventory & XP here!
  • Smaller arena, more competitive.
  • Envoys and KoTHs regularaly occur, with timings different from the other two realms.
  • View the leaderboards and make your way to the top kills (or deaths...)!


Our team has worked extremely hard to provide you guys with this update. As such, here's a list of everyone that has worked on this release.

  • GeneX - Development-focused changes & new features!
  • ScoreboardAPI - Framework & plugin-focused changes & new features!
  • Aboscuss - Transferring data between other realms & the development network to production!
  • Kobi - Bug fixes & setting up the realm!
  • BlazingTide - Graphics, setup, and managing the developers & managers!

See you guys on Saturday!