Gens Quest Guide

Gens Quest Guide

Are you new to Gens and want to know how to navigate all the quests? Or maybe you are a Bedrock user who is having issues viewing the Quest Book. Either way, here's a full guide on all the MineGlobe Quests whether you want to (or have to) read it here!

Quest #1: The Wanderers

  1. Speak to the Wandering Villager, Stephan, located at [1, 100, 11].
  2. Speak to all the wandering villagers located at the Gens /spawn region.

Rewards: $100,000 | 10,000 XP | 1x Lapis Generator

Quest #2: Farm Hunt

  1. Speak to Farmer Steve at his barn located at [95, 93, 97].
  2. Speak to the Scarecrow at the fields [92, 93, 79].
  3. Kill 30 chickens and then bring 8x Feathers back to the Scarecrow.
  4. Bring back the Magic Milk to Farmer Steve and complete his final tasks to finish off the quest!
  5. Bring Farmer Steve 16x Hay Bales and 1x Chest. He only accepts Hay Bales from the farming table!
  6. Bring the chest of items to Jake, he is located in the balloon at [-71, 132, -20].

Rewards: $500,000 | 30,000 XP | 1x Inquisitive Crate Key | 1x Gen Slot | Scarecrow Shop

Quest #3: Wet & Cold

  1. Speak to Fisherman Tom located at [34, 93, 153].
  2. Catch 100 fish. Bring back 1x Fish Sculpture of any kind. Bring a Pufferfish worth $150,000 or more.

Rewards: $1,000,000 | 50,000 XP | 2x Inquisitive Crate Key | 2x Gen Slot

Quest #4: Cave Explorer

You'll see this info soon, we're working hard to get it published!