Gens Update 1.1

Gens Update 1.1

Welcome to MineGlobe Gens, the ultimate Minecraft Tycoon experience! We are excited to announce our latest update, Version 1.1, which brings a range of new features, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance your gameplay. Our dedicated development team has been working tirelessly to address reported issues and provide an even better experience for our players. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of the update and highlight the most significant changes that have arrived in the last week.

New Features

Expanded NPC Functionality

We have introduced new NPCs to Gens that now offer additional commands such as "/freerank" and "/start." These NPCs make it easier for players to navigate through the game and access important features.

Cave Key Quest

We have made significant improvements to the Cave Key quest, addressing all reported issues and ensuring that players can now complete it successfully. Embark on this exciting adventure and uncover hidden treasures within the caves!

Pet Specialist Enhancements

Our Pet Specialist has been updated with new additions to the pet collection. Discover and adopt seven new pets, each with its unique abilities and characteristics. Interact with these adorable companions and make your gameplay even more enjoyable!

Emerald Skulls System

Introducing the Emerald Skulls system! Engage in a thrilling side quest where you collect Emerald Skulls and unlock exciting rewards. We have fixed all issues related to this system, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.

Auto Messages and Server Promotions

To keep our players informed and engaged, we have implemented auto messages that highlight various server features. Stay up to date with the latest additions and improvements as you explore the vast world of MineGlobe Gens.

Island Customization

We have expanded the features available to players on their islands. You can now utilize item frames, minecarts, and more, allowing for greater customization and personalization of your gameplay environment. Let your creativity soar as you design and build your dream island!

Quest and Hopper Enhancements

We have updated and improved numerous side quests, ensuring that they offer engaging gameplay experiences and rewarding challenges. Additionally, we have increased the hopper transfer rate and optimized chunk loading for smoother performance.

Bug Fixes

We have dedicated significant effort to resolving various bugs and issues reported by our community. Here are some of the key bug fixes included in the update:

  • Fishing-related bugs have been addressed, and Fishing Totems have been improved (further optimizations are underway).
  • All issues related to the Cave, including the Cave Key quest and the Wooden Mop, have been resolved.
  • Additional yellow terracotta has been added to facilitate the completion of the bow quest. We have also introduced new features for bow shooting quests, such as broadcasts and special prizes for achieving 100 streaks.
  • NPCs now correctly accept quest items, ensuring a seamless questing experience.
  • A welcome message has been implemented for new players, matching the server's blue theme and providing a warm introduction to the MineGlobe Gens world.
  • Gen slots have been fixed, eliminating any related issues and ensuring smooth gameplay.
  • Annoying spamming messages with NPCs and server commands have been resolved.
  • All issues with the scoreboard have been addressed, ensuring accurate and reliable information for players.
  • Various exploits, including those related to the Auction House (/ah), have been disabled to maintain fair and balanced gameplay.
  • Numerous smaller issues and bugs have been fixed. For a comprehensive list, check out our detailed changelogs!

Store and Server Information

To support our ongoing development efforts and show your appreciation, consider visiting our store at Your contributions help us continue providing new content and maintaining the server.

Ready to dive into the MineGlobe Gens universe? Connect with us at and join the exciting Minecraft Tycoon adventure!

We hope you enjoy the latest update and the improvements we have made to MineGlobe Gens. Stay tuned for more exciting content, updates, and enhancements coming your way soon!