How to use the Minecraft Multiverse Plugin

How to use the Minecraft Multiverse Plugin

Multiverse is a helpful plugin that allows you to create multiple different kinds of worlds for your server. Normal, Nether, End, flat, and void are a few types of worlds that you can create with this plugin.

Creating Worlds:

  • Normal World - /mv create <world> NORMAL
  • Nether World - /mv create <world> NETHER
  • End World - /mv create <world> END
  • Flat World - /mv create <world> normal -t FLAT
  • Void World - /mv create <world> normal -g VoidGenerator

Void Generator needed to create a void world

Teleporting to Worlds:
You can do /mvlist to see a list of your multiverse worlds. To teleport to a world you created, simply do /mvtp <world> or use the minehut command, /world <world>. If you upload a world and want to teleport it, sometimes multiverse doesn’t recognize the uploaded world so you have to import the world to multiverse. The command to import is /mv import <world> <worldtype>. The worldtype is just the type of the world it is such as normal, nether, end, and so on. Then you are able to teleport to this world.

Deleting Worlds with Multiverse:
To delete a world, simply run /mvdelete <world> then /mvconfirm to confirm the removal of your world.

Cloning Worlds:
Multiverse has a feature in which you can clone a world to make a copy of it. It is also useful if you ever want to rename a certain world. The command to clone a world is /mvclone <world> <new name>.

Loading and Unloading Worlds:
Using Multiverse, you can load and unload certain worlds. Unloading a world makes the world not active but the world file is still there. To unload a world, do /mvunload <world>. When a world is unloaded, you cannot teleport to it. To load the world back, do /load <world>.