Minecraft 1.20.2

Minecraft 1.20.2

Minecraft continues to evolve with each new release, and version 1.20.2 is no exception. In this latest update, Mojang has introduced a variety of exciting features, optimizations, and important fixes that enhance the overall gameplay experience. Whether you're a dedicated player or a map maker, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this latest installment. Let's dive into the details of what's new in Minecraft 1.20.2!

New Features

Player Skin & Name Reporting

One of the most notable additions in this update is the enhanced Player Reporting Tool. Mojang is committed to creating a safe and inclusive gaming environment, and they've taken steps to improve player safety. Now, you can report player skins and usernames that violate the Community Standards directly from the Social Interactions Screen.

Here's how it works:

  • If you encounter a skin or username that breaches the Community Standards, you can report it.
  • Minecraft moderators will manually review each report and take appropriate action, which may include:
  • Banning the offending skin or username.
  • Suspending the player from online play for repeated violations.
  • Notifying the player to change their name or skin.
  • Players with banned skins will have them removed, and they will be assigned default skins.
  • Players with banned usernames will need to choose new ones before playing online.

This update aims to ensure that Minecraft remains a safe and enjoyable space for all players.

Mob Attack Reach Changes

In Minecraft 1.20.2, Mojang has made significant adjustments to how mobs determine their attack reach. Previously, a mob's horizontal width was the sole factor in determining its attack range, with no consideration for height. Now, the attack reach is calculated based on the mob's bounding box extended horizontally.

These changes have several implications:

  • Mobs positioned entirely above or below a target will not be able to reach it.
  • When riding a medium-sized mob (e.g., a Horse), you will be protected from smaller mobs (e.g., Baby Zombies).
  • Riding a tall mob (e.g., a Camel) will shield you from standard-sized mobs (e.g., Zombies).
  • Ravagers can no longer attack through thick walls.
  • Escaping from Endermen now requires being at least 3 blocks above the ground.

It's important to note that these changes do not affect the reach of players, and mobs still need line-of-sight to attack their targets.

Networked Play Optimizations

Online multiplayer enthusiasts will appreciate the optimizations made to networked play in Minecraft 1.20.2. If you've experienced disconnections or slow loading into online servers, this update aims to significantly improve your experience. Key improvements include:

  • The game world now appears earlier instead of the loading screen when joining a server.
  • Players with extremely low-bandwidth connections will no longer time out while loading the world.
  • Players with low-bandwidth connections can interact with the world even as some chunks are still loading.

These enhancements ensure smoother and more enjoyable online play, even on low-bandwidth connections.


For those who love the sensory experience of Minecraft, vibrations have been refined in this update. Vibrations are now more consistent and provide feedback for various in-game actions. From using Bone Meal to evoking Vexes, these vibrations add depth to your gameplay immersion.

Miscellaneous Changes and Technical Improvements

In addition to the standout features mentioned above, Minecraft 1.20.2 brings numerous other changes and technical improvements to the table. Here's a quick overview:

  • Chorus Flowers no longer provide support for hanging or standing blocks.
  • Structure icons on Explorer Maps sold by Cartographers have been updated.
  • The order of trades in the UI for Villagers with unlocked trades is now randomized.
  • User interface elements have been adjusted for consistency.
  • Various technical changes, including upgrades to the LWJGL library and Microsoft OpenJDK version.

Technical Changes

Minecraft 1.20.2 also introduces a range of technical enhancements and adjustments. These include updates to resource pack and data pack versions, changes to command history, network optimizations, and symbolic link validation.

Experimental Features: Villager Trade Rebalance

For those looking to experiment with gameplay, the Villager Trade Rebalance is now available as an optional feature. It brings changes to trades in Minecraft, offering a fresh trading experience. Different biomes will have unique enchantments and trades, requiring players to explore various village biomes to access all available villager enchantments.

Fixed Bugs

This release includes fixes for approximately 200 bugs, improving the overall stability and performance of the game. Mojang remains dedicated to delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.

Minecraft 1.20.2 is a substantial update that brings a host of new features, optimizations, and important fixes to the game. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated map maker, there's something in this update for everyone. So, dive into the blocky world of Minecraft and explore all that this version has to offer. Enjoy the improved gameplay experience, enhanced safety features, and the endless creativity that Minecraft has to offer!