MineGlobe Reimagined

MineGlobe Reimagined

Greetings, player! 👋

Today, I bring to you guys our biggest leap toward the future of MineGlobe. A brand new reimagined MineGlobe!

🪞The Profile

My Profile

As we've progressed as a server, it's become increasingly difficult to navigate through the many custom features we have. As such, we're releasing The Profile.

Simply use the command /myprofile or use the Profile Item in /hub to access your profile.

Inside the profile, there are 13 buttons that allow you to navigate to each core feature of MineGlobe. The buttons are listed below.

  • Friends - View your friends and manage your online status
  • Token Shop - Quickly access your tokens balance and purchase items
  • Clans - View and manage your clans
  • Chat Channels - Manage your language and switch between separate chat channels  
  • Tutorials - Quickly access tutorials for each realm, including a carefully curated video
  • Settings - Access your settings and easily toggle them

(Settings & Clans are currently disabled as we're awaiting player feedback before creating them. Token Shop will be releasing post-Halloween.)

Cosmetic Buttons

Accessories Menu
  • Accessories - Add offhand accessories easily onto yourself
  • Hats - Add hats easily onto yourself
  • Backpacks - Easily add/manage backpacks
  • Trails - Easily equip trails
  • Pets - Easily equip a pet and manage them
  • Tags - Easily add tags

As you can see, the main purpose of this update was to make access to our custom features as easy as pressing a button.

📜 Rank Tags

Owner Tag

Ranks are essential to every Minecraft server. Over the year, we've switched from many different rank tags.

Originally, we even had custom rank tags but later we removed them. However, custom rank tags are making a return in a spectacular way!

We've added completely custom and unique rank tags! Currently, only staff members are equipped with custom rank tags, however, our plans are to completely switch to custom rank tags.


Friends Menu

Friends was a feature we released months ago, however, there was a general lack of global adoption. As such, we've completely revamped the core friends system to include QOL updates.

Status Change

  • You're now able to directly cycle through your online status inside the menu. You can appear online, offline, or simply be put in Do Not Disturb mode.  
Cycling through player status

Misc Changes

  • You're now notified if a friend logs onto your realm
  • You're now notified if a friend logs off your realm
  • You're now notified about outstanding friend requests
  • You can now only send private messages to friends

🗩 Chat Channels

Chat Channels is something that's generally new to MineGlobe. Chat Channels allow you to customize your chatting experience even more. We've created 4 chat channels and 2 languages that work together to make your chatting experience seamless-

Chat Channels

  • Network - All messages are received
  • Server - Only messages from your current realm
  • Clan - Only messages from your clan
  • Staff  - Only messages by staff members


  • English
  • Spanish"


On MineGlobe, we have an increasing number of unique features that make it quite difficult for new players to understand. As such we've created an entire menu for Tutorials.

You can access tutorials via /tutorials in-game or through the tutorials button on your profile.


  • Each tutorial points to a special youtube video along with our individual guide that's posted on this website.
  • We'll continue to update the tutorials page as the server grows and as we add new features.

🪙Token Shop

Token Shop is at the core of our gameplay. It covers every cosmetic and other item that we sell through our Tokens Currency.

As such, we've completely redone the Token Shop to feature easy-to-access tabs and view previous purchases.


  • Each realm sells different items, as such, the tabs for each realm will be different.
  • You can now view your previous purchases (starting from 10/20/22).
  • Special Offer contains daily discounts for token shop items
  • Cosmetics & Pets are now global across all realms & hubs

🔍The Hub - Reimagined

It's quite obvious that our current hub is quite barren. It's generally lacking core features and doesn't utilize modern Minecraft technology at all.

As such, we've completely redone the hub.

🧭Server Selector

The server selector was simply too basic. We didn't like how it just looked like every other server's server selector... so we just redid it completely.

Misc Hub Changes

  • Completely redid the hub system from the ground-up with new custom plugins
  • Java & Bedrock will have separate hubs so we can preserve consistency for each platform
  • Brand New Hub NPCs.
  • Completely redone hub items, each featuring their own custom textures.
Left is PvP Sword, Middle is server selector, Right is My Profile
  • The Hub PvP Sword now changes and updates to feature our newest custom armor & weapon set.
  • You can now double-jump on the hub
  • Removed Hub Selector
  • Added benches
  • Added Tutorials & Discord NPC
  • Brand new BossBar
  • Removed misc Holograms
  • Brand new revamped scoreboard
  • Added ScoreboardAPI
  • If you've come this far, tag @ScoreboardAPI on discord and say "#MineGlobeOnTop"

⌛ Future Plans

As we progress we will firmly utilize everything Minecraft has to offer. This includes bedrock.

Although the current features are Java Only, we're actively working to implement our Cosmetics and Rank Tags to be a Bedrock-included feature.

Our next plans are to revamp our core realms and completely redo them from the ground up and implement consistent gameplay.

We really hope you are excited just as much as we are. We have worked countless hours to get a high-quality update out for you guys. There is much more to come in the future and we will be making many more blog posts to ensure our players are fully up-to-date with all the changes we are making to MineGlobe!