MineGlobe - Weekly Recap #12

MineGlobe - Weekly Recap #12

Greetings, player! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to MineGlobe's Weekly Recap where we go over everything that has been changed and added to our realms: Earth Origins, Earth Olympia, and Mystic SMP! This week, we have a lot of new, exciting features we cannot wait to show you! Without further ado, let's dive right into this Weekly Recap!

Introducing the new Leprechaun Crate! ☘️

The new Leprechaun Crate has arrived at MineGlobe! With this crate, we have added an entirely new custom armor set and tools. We spent countless hours perfecting the design of this armor and we hope you are as excited about it as we are.

OneBlock Teasers! 🚧

With OneBlock nearly releasing soon we've released many teasers to the community! Check them all out below

New Trails! ✨

The token shop on Origins and Mystic have been void of content recently. So we decided to add lots of new things including trails! See the GIF below for an example.

Tree Falling Changes! 🌲

Tree falling has now been improved, as seen in the GIF below, it’s much smoother now to cut down the entire tree!

New Clue Scroll Tasks and Riddles! πŸ“œ

More than 50 new tasks and riddles have been added to clue scrolls, solve some riddles or do some tasks to get yourself some rewards! To get a clue scroll type /cluescrolls in-game (30,000 XP cost).

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes! πŸ›

Mystic & Origins - Changed Prices of Tags on /tshop from 1200 -> 600.

Network - Added Draw time to /lottery status.

Origins & Mystic - Added Epic Key to /xpshop (Valuables).

Mystic & Origins - Added weapon names when killed to death messages.

Survival - Fixes issues relating to glowing item frames.

Network - Claims now extend to the bottom of the world.

Origins - fixed issue where everyone lost their MCMMO levels, everyone has them back now!

Origins & Mystic - Added bows and each type of armor to the hopper filters.

Olympia - Changed Epic Key to Athena Key in /xpshop. (Valuables)

Origins - Enderpearl cooldown changed from 10 - 16 seconds

Discord Changes and Bug Fixes! πŸ‘Ύ

Discord - Fixed !vote (MineGlobe and Suggestion Bot Command).

Discord - Added private lounges with a limited number of people so you can talk to your friends.

Discord - Sync bot is back online.

Discord - New icons for roles (ranks, media, staff)

Staff Changes β˜€οΈ

OkAnd__ has been reinstated as a senior moderator!

mastereli69 has been promoted to a moderator!

FWJ has been promoted to admin!

SagestarDK has joined the staff team as a helper!

STILL312 has been demoted from the staff team.

ccKane has been demoted from the staff team.

VoidRosVoid has been demoted from the staff team.

Final Words πŸ‘‹

Thank you for taking your time to read Weekly Recap #12! We are eager to know about your thoughts on MineGlobe and also very keen to hear about your suggestions and how we can improve the player experience!

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