MineGlobe - Weekly Recap #2

MineGlobe - Weekly Recap #2

Hello, player!

Welcome to MineGlobe's Weekly Recap where we go over everything what has been changed and added to our 1.17 earth survival server! This week, we have a lot of new, exciting features we cannot wait to show you! Without further a do, let's dive right into this Weekly Recap!

Brand New Hub

We are excited to bring our brand new hub realm onto MineGlobe. This long awaited addition has stunned our community. In this hub world, you are able to navigate through different realms and gain access to sneak-peaks of the future! You are also able to equip cosmetics and turn on PvP mode to have fun with your friends! There are a lot of hidden things in this realm awaiting your discovery!

Brand New Warps

We are excited to bring our band new PvP warp onto our Earth realm! This has been a heavily requested feature by our players and we have finally happy to announce this to you guys. In the PvP warp, you are able to fight other players for items, you are able to take part in 'Envoys' which spawn every 2 hours with top notch loot inside of them! You will not want to miss out on these!


We are excited to bring our newest addition onto MineGlobe today! This has been a secret project of ours in the making and a surprise to our entire community! You are able to find envoys at /warp PvP and envoys contain top notch loot inside of them. You are able to win up to $100,000, crate keys, tags & so much more. What are you waiting for? Log on and wait for the next envoy! You do not want to miss it.


We are excited to bring you another, small feature called tags. Tags can be equipped by using /tags in-game. Tags are a sign of wealth and also make your name stand out. We currently have 3 tags what are exclusive to Halloween. Tags look like this ingame. Example: [Manager] Aabes [Halloween]. These exclusive tags will no longer be available on the 1st of November so get them whilst you can! Purchase them on our store today! (

Spooky Crate

We have just released our brand new Halloween exclusive crate! This crate can be purchased on our store and be found at /warp crates. This crate is our best crate yet, you are able to win insane items, ranks, vehicles and so much more. Get them whilst they are cheap via (

Bug Fixes

We have patched many smaller bugs this week, you can find out what has been patched below:

Mobs/Spawners stacking due to not getting the correct amount of mob drops.

Loosing Money when placing Sugar Cane and earning Money when Placing certain crops.

Bedrock players not being able to buy items from the Store. For all bedrock players, when buying things from the store, put an underscore before your name (ex. _PlyingPrince290).

All bedrock players have an underscore at the beginning of their name on the scoreboard to make sure there's no confusion!(

Clear lag removing animals.

Final Words

Thank you for taking your time to read this Weekly Recap! We are eager to know about your thoughts on MineGlobe and we are also very eager to hear about your suggestions and what we could to do to make the player experience even better!

Join our discord ( today and let us know!

Log on today to experience an adventurer like no other! ( We currently support 1.16.5 and above, bedrock players are able to join using the port 19132. See you soon!