MineGlobe's Rules

MineGlobe is more than just a Minecraft server; it's a thriving community of players who come together to explore, build, and enjoy the game. To ensure that everyone has a positive and enjoyable experience, we have established a set of rules and guidelines. These rules cover both chat-related and gameplay-related offenses. It's essential for all members of our community to understand and follow these rules to maintain a friendly and welcoming environment.

Chat Offenses

1. Spamming

Spamming disrupts the flow of conversation and can be annoying to other players. This includes typing in all capital letters, posting repetitive or nonsensical messages, or sending excessively long messages. Let's keep the chat enjoyable for everyone by avoiding spam.

2. Advertising

Promoting other servers or unrelated products/services in chat is strictly prohibited. We want to maintain a focused environment centered around MineGlobe and its community.

3. Extreme Toxicity

We're proud of our non-toxic community, and we don't tolerate toxic discussions. Avoid talking about sensitive subjects that could offend others. Insulting or excluding someone based on their personal characteristics is strictly against our rules.

4. Drama/Harassment

Creating or spreading drama, especially if it's malicious or abusive towards other players or staff, is unacceptable. Harassment will result in mutes and possibly bans. Let's keep our interactions respectful and constructive.

5. Inappropriate Behavior

Chat discussions should remain appropriate for all ages. Inappropriate topics like drugs, sexual activities, illegal activities, self-harm, and rule-breaking are off-limits.

6. Discrimination/Racism/Bigotry

Discriminating against any group of people based on their characteristics is strictly prohibited. We value diversity and inclusion within our community.

Sharing inappropriate or NSFW links is not allowed. This includes using hosting sites like Imgur/Lightshot for inappropriate content or posting shock/screamer links.

8. Server Disrespect

Respect for MineGlobe and its rules is paramount. Any discussion that disrespects or undermines the server is subject to punishment.

9. Staff Disrespect

While we encourage healthy debates and discussions, berating or demoralizing staff members, or rioting against their decisions, is not allowed. Let's treat each other with respect, including our hardworking staff.

10. Malicious Threats

The safety of our players is a top priority. Threats like DDOS, hacking, releasing private information, death wishes, or suicide encouragement are strictly prohibited. Jokes between friends are acceptable, but we take real threats seriously.

11. Lying to Staff

Honesty is key. Lying to staff, whether in chat, reports, or appeals, will lead to punishment. Let's build trust within our community by being truthful.

12. Staff Impersonation

Impersonating staff members, whether to bully, harass, or assist other players, is against the rules. Let's respect each other's identities and roles within the community.

Gameplay Offenses

1. Cheating

Using modifications or clients that provide an unfair advantage over other players is strictly prohibited. If you're unsure about a particular modification, it's best to ask our staff team for clarification.

2. Macros

Using hotkeys to gain advantages, such as warping out of PVP or automatically selling items, is against the rules. However, hotkeys for welcoming players to the server are allowed.

3. X-Ray

Using X-Ray modifications to locate valuable items like ores or spawners is cheating and will result in punishment.

4. Griefing

Intentionally destroying another player's build, stealing, or killing passive mobs within their territory is considered griefing. Even editing blocks around players' claims under certain circumstances may be counted as griefing.

5. Abusing Glitches

Taking advantage of glitches to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed. If you encounter a bug, please report it instead of exploiting it.

6. Block Glitching

Using blocks to access areas you shouldn't or breaking blocks to phase through walls into other players' claims is against the rules.

7. Abusing Safe Zones

Safe zones should not be used to attack other players. Attacking players in PVP while they're in safe zones is also prohibited.

8. Duping and Crashing

Exploiting game exploits, such as duping or deliberately crashing the server, will lead to punishment. Lag-inducing builds will be cleared and may result in a ban if intentional.

9. Teaming with Cheaters

Teaming with or benefiting from cheaters, including not reporting them, is strictly prohibited.

10. Insiding

Stealing from teammates, breaking spawners, or deliberately destroying claimed blocks is against the rules. This includes joining other people's islands/parties to take their items and then leaving.

11. TP Trapping

Trapping players in your claim after they've requested a teleport is not allowed. This rule also applies if you teleport a player into a PVP area without their consent.

12. Illegal Killing

Killing players outside of designated PVP areas, using environmental hazards, or suffocating others is against the rules.

13. Scamming

Scamming, such as misrepresenting items or failing to complete agreed-upon trades, is not tolerated.

14. Inappropriate Builds

Building offensive or inappropriate structures, like explicit imagery or hate symbols, will result in immediate clearing and potential bans.

15. Inappropriate Names

Usernames that are extremely inappropriate will result in a ban until the username is changed.

16. Punishment Evasion

Attempting to evade punishments through alternate accounts is not allowed and will result in more severe penalties.

Remember, these rules are in place to ensure a fair, safe, and enjoyable experience for all players on MineGlobe. Senior staff members may take action against offenses not explicitly listed here to maintain the integrity of our community. By following these rules, you help create a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy the game to its fullest. Let's continue to build our vibrant community together!