(Oneblock) Custom Enchants Overhaul

(Oneblock) Custom Enchants Overhaul

Hello Adventurers! 👋

Today, we are rehauling the entire custom enchants system completely! We have carefully looked at every single custom enchant and redid their activation percentages, buffed or de-buffed them! However, we also added a bunch of new features & items that make the entire custom enchants system much better.

🆕Titan Crate

This is a new Crate that we're releasing in addition to a new custom enchants overhaul. This crate contains all the NEW items! Better get it now!

Each Crate Gives 5 items (4 normal & epic, and finally 1 legendary)

🆕New Enchants

We are adding 6 new enchants for this update. They have been carefully selected from a massive list of potential enchants suggested by both staff & players. One even has a really cool animation! 👀

Stone Bash (Weapons) 🪨

This is probably my favorite custom enchant, mainly because I created it myself. The enchant has a small activation percentage that scales with every level. It will send nearby blocks flying towards the enemy! Check out the animation below 👇

Stone Bash Animation

Pushback (Chestplate) 🛡️

This enchant has a chance to knock back the enemy when under attack. The enchant stacks with every level and every additional armor piece.

Clarity (Helmet) 👁️

This enchant will protect you from all blindness. This includes custom enchants and potion effects.

Blindness (Sword) 🧑‍🦯

This enchant has a chance to give blindness 3 to the enemy. This goes hand to hand with clarity since they're the anthesis of each other. This will add a lot of variety to god sets.

Gluttony (Armor) 🥘

Finally, this enchant will ensure that you never go hungry. This enchant will buff all food items's saturation.

Witch Resistance (Armor) ⚗️

Makes harming potions ineffective. You will no longer take damage from harming potions.

📦New Items

These are items that have been requested heavily by many players. We're always trying to listen to suggestions, however, only until recently did we feel that we've been in the best position to add these items.

🖌️ New Book Textures

Along with new enchants are these new book textures!

Mythic Enchant: Inquisitive

Enchant Extractors ✨

The most suggested custom enchants feature is finally making its appearance! Enchant Extractors allow players to extract a random enchant from any item! However, extractors are 1-time use items and additionally have a chance to fail!

🥊 Extractors can be obtained from Treasure Chests inside the Warzone and through crates.

Item Preview:

Enchantment Slot Extensions ➕

Custom enchants are no fun if you can only have 3 enchants, so we're releasing an item that will allow players to add more slots to an item. Simply drag n' drop this item to add more custom enchantment slots. However, an item can only have a maximum of 6 custom enchants so pick wisely!

🥊 Slot Extensions can be obtained from Treasure Chests inside the Warzone and through crates.

Item Preview:

Enchantment Relics 🗝️

Relics were previously hidden items that were recently discovered by archaeologists! Relics can be added to items to boost the custom enchantment activation percentages! This is an item that will be very rare and hard to come by.

🥊 Enchantment Relics can be obtained from  Treasure Chests inside the Warzone and through crates.

Item Preview:

⚔️Prometheus Gkit

With the introduction of the new enchantments and items, we thought it's best to release a new gkit with all the new features. Keep in mind that every gkit usage gives a random custom enchant level, so you are never guaranteed to get a massive god set right away.

The contents of the gkits and their custom enchants are listed below  👇

Prometheus Axe (+2 Slots Extensions)

  • 🆕Stone Bash: 1-5
  • 🆕Blindness: 1-3
  • Bleed: 1-3
  • Critical Strike: 1-5
  • Lifesteal: 1-3

Prometheus Helmet (+1 Slots Extension)

  • 🆕Gluttony: 1
  • 🆕Clarity: 1
  • Last Stand: 1-3
  • Bat Vision: 1

Prometheus Chestplate (+2 Slots Extensions)

  • 🆕Pushback: 1-5
  • Tank: 1-5
  • Overgeared: 1-4
  • Poison Armor: 1-3
  • Berserk: 1

2x Random Enchantment Extractor: Random success rate

🏪 Gkit can be purchased here:

Misc Changes:

  • Changed the activation chance of all custom enchants
  • Increased the chances of Butcher activating
  • Increased the chances of Fury activating
  • Decreased the chance of Mavenuver activating
  • Decreased the chance of Blessed activating
  • Decreased the chance of Bleed activating
  • Buffed Poison Armor (Now gives Poison 3)
  • Buffed Bleed (Does 0.6 damage, was 0.3)
  • Debuffed Tank severely