Tutorial - Oneblock

Tutorial - Oneblock

Hello, Player!

In this blog post, you will learn about our brand new gamemode, Oneblock! Oneblock is a unique type of playstyle compared to Earth. Essentially, you begin on a 1x1 island and as you mine the block you spawn on, new blocks will spawn. There are 10 total stages on Oneblock, to get to Stage 2, you will need to mine 250 blocks (Consisting of Wood, Chests, Cobblestone, Grass, Dirt, etc). When you reach Stage 2, you will unlock new mobs and blocks and from there, each stage has new blocks and new mobs that you are able to gather and kill.

Getting Started

To begin your adventure on Oneblock, you will need to know the basic commands and basic meta of the gamemode. These are fairly simple commands and can be understood very easily. Additionally, the meta of the gamemode is fairly straightforward and we would recommend watching a video about the gamemode before playing. Click [Video] for a general introduction to the gamemode's meta.

Basic Commands

The following commands are the basic commands you should know about before you start playing on our brand new realm.

/tshop - This command brings up our tokenshop. The tokenshop is a shop where you can purchase crate keys, tags, pets and so much more. However, you do not need to purchase these if you do not want to as they cost real money. You are able to obtain tokens via our store. [Click Here]

/jobs - This command brings up your job management menu. Becoming employed on Oneblock will generate money for the tasks you complete. For Example Miner - this job generates you money for simply mining blocks (Which is perfect as that's all you will be doing for the first 1-3 Stages). There is a total of 8 jobs on Oneblock, all with their own custom job meta which you are able to explore.

/shop - This command brings up the server shop. The server shop is essentially a market where you can spend your in-game money. This money can be obtained from jobs, supplydrops, missions, and so on. You are able to purchase almost anything in the shop if you have the correct money.

/vote - This command brings up the voting sites. Voting on our server will grant you money and keys. These keys can be opened at /warp crates and you have the chance to win even more money, armor, and tools. Click [Vote Sites] to go to the voting sites!

/warps - This command brings up the entire warp menu. Warps are places around spawn where you can do certain tasks. For Example: /warp crates will bring you to our crate section in our wonderful spawn. /warp pvp will bring you to our pvp arena where you are able to fight other players for their items!

/clan - Clans is an entirely new, custom feature on MineGlobe. You are able to create a clan, free of charge and invite your friends. Whilst in a clan, you are unable to attack your fellow clan members and you are able to compete for the #1 spot on /clan top by depositing money into your clan balance.

/ah - The following command brings up the auction-house menu. The auction-house is a open market where places can sell items that other players can purchase. To sell an item on the auction-house, simply hold the item that you want to sell in your hand and type /ah sell <amount>. You will be notified if a player purchases your item by a loud 'ding' noise!

These are just a few basic commands you should really know about, if you are ever confused, feel free to ask a member of staff who is online on the server itself, or feel free to make a ticket and ask for a member of staff's help in our amazing discord server. [Click to Join]

Oneblock Commands

The following commands are commands you should know about before you start playing on our brand new realm.

/is - This command brings up your island management menu. On this menu, you are able to create an island, disband your island, set island permissions and adjust your settings. That's not it however, I would highly recommend going over this when you first log on to the server!

/minions - Minions are entirely custom to Oneblock. You are able to purchase minions on our store and win them through crate keys. Minions generate money for you and generate items for you. For Example, Lumberjack produces wood for you and you are able to upgrade this minion to make it produce logs faster and so on. The Miner Minion produces ores for you, each time you upgrade it you unlock new ores and increase the speed the minion generates ores. Purchase minions by purchasing Minion Crates. [Click Here]

Custom Armor

On MineGlobe, each realm has custom armor sets. These sets can only be seen by Java players though unfortunately, however, if you are a Bedrock Player then you will see leather armor and still obtain the custom perks these armor sets have to offer. We tend to release custom armor every 2-3 weeks. To obtain custom armor, you have to purchase crate keys on our store or purchase it from players in-game (Commonly sold in the auction-house).

Custom Enchants

Custom Enchants are essentially enchanted books (Similar to default minecraft enchants) that you can equip to your armor, tools, and more. You can have a maximum of 3 custom enchants per armor piece, per tool, and per sword/bow to keep this balanced. View more information in-game by simply typing /ce. You are able to purchase custom enchant books by typing /xpshop.


Crates are generic features seen on almost any server, however, on MineGlobe you are able to purchase crate keys on our store and open them at /warp crates. Crates contain overpowered goodies (such as armor, tools, money and much more) to give you a slight advantage over players! You do not need to purchase crate keys however, and all items that are obtained via crates can be obtained by simply playing the server. Purchase crate keys via the store. [Click Here]


KoTHs were recently introduced in our pvp update! KoTHs begin every 4 hours on each realm. You essentially have to capture a zone in /warp pvp and if you do, you will be rewarded with overpowered items. However, a lot of powerful players attempt to capture koths and since it is in /warp pvp, you have a high chance of losing all of your items if you die, so be careful!


On MineGlobe, each realm has pets. Pets are little companions you can have by your side at all times. We have a total of 14 pets you can choose from, unfortunately, these pets can only be seen by Java Players and are only really useful to Java Players.


On MineGlobe, each realm has McMMO. This is essentially a skills plugin - you are able to upgrade a total of 20 different skills. For Example Mining. When you upgrade your mining skill (by implying mining blocks), you unlock super breaker which essentially makes you mine 100x faster for a short amount of time, you also have a chance to drop double the items you mine (Ex. Mine 1 Diamond, and have a chance to get 2). View more information by typing /mcmmo on any of our realms.

Final Words

Thank you for taking your time to read this Tutorial. We are eager to know about your thoughts on MineGlobe and also very keen to hear about your suggestions and how we can improve the player experience!

Join our Discord ( today and let us know!

Log on today to experience an adventure like no other by using the ip-address We currently support 1.18 and above, bedrock players can join using port 19132. See you soon!