OneBlock Release - March 19th, 3PM EST

OneBlock Release - March 19th, 3PM EST

Hello, Player.

After nearly 2 months of development behind the scenes, we are happy to announce that Oneblock is finally releasing on March 19th, at 3 PM EST. This has been a highly anticipated release and players have been asking non-stop about it.

Earth Survival has been MineGlobe's core gamemode for the past 6 months, now we are introducing a secondary realm with a completely different game style. Let's get into it, shall we?

OneBlock was originally a mod on Minecraft. Players with a singular floating block in the sky. Β Each time the player digs up the original spawn block, a new block generates in its place. There are a total of 10 phases on OneBlock. When a phase is completed, new blocks and mobs will get unlocked. MineGlobe offers the following phases: Plains, Underground, Snow, Jungle, Nether, End, Idyll, Desolate, Ocean & Red-Desert.

The ultimate goal is to expand your island as much as you possibly can to become the richest, most powerful player on the server. Some players find OneBlock tricky, but are you up for the challenge?

There are a lot of opportunities on Oneblock and you can play however you want. If you have no idea what Oneblock is, but you are interested in playing - check out this video of a Youtuber known as, 'aCookieGod,' as he goes through 100 days on a OneBlock Island -

Additionally, MineGlobe has added its own twist and unique features exclusively for OneBlock. You can find out more by reading the rest of this blog post!

We have a brand new set of ranks for Oneblock!

Sailor, Raider, Navigator, Captain & Admiral. All these ranks come with their own unique perks and kits!

Pre-order ranks now! -

In these past two months of development, MineGlobe has been listening heavily to the community and following up on your suggestions in private meetings with the Staff-Team. We have tried to make it so you can customize your island as much as possible, exactly to your own liking! Let's get into some of these customizable features, shall we?

Island Permissions

We have a total of 6 ranks you can have on your personal island: Guest, Coop, Member, Moderator, Admin & Leader. You can assign each rank different permissions by using /is permissions. By default, we have set ready-made permissions for each rank so you don't have to. There is a total of 60 permissions you can assign to ranks if you wish.

Island Settings

We have a total of 25 island settings you can enable/disable. These include, but are not limited to: Disabling Rain, Enabling PvP, Setting Custom Weather, Allowing Explosions, and much more. Admins & Leaders are able to edit the island settings. Edit your island settings to your own liking by using /is settings.

Island Upgrades

Like our Survival Realms, you are able to upgrade your personal islands - however, these are expensive but they are definitely worth the investment. We have a total of 8 upgrades. Let's list a few: Spawner Upgrades, Crop Growth Upgrades, and Island Size Upgrades. You are able to upgrade your island by typing /is upgrade, only the leader is able to upgrade the island.

With the release of Oneblock, we want to release a brand new armor collection! Previously, we had our 'Snowstorm Armor Set' on display and now it's time to switch it up a little!

Introducing, the Phoenix Collection.

Ever wanted to terrify your enemies in PvP? Here's your chance. If I saw that, I would certainly run for my life!

You are able to obtain the Phoenix Collection on ALL servers by purchasing the Phoenix Crate on our store -

We are introducing a brand new feature which has never been seen before. Minions.

Minions are little 'minecraft characters' which automatically generate money and blocks for your island. We have a total of 5 minions: Lumberjack, Miner, Collector, Slayer, and Farmer.

  • Lumberjack - Automatically produces wood, you are able to upgrade this minion in order to speed up the mining of trees.
  • Miner - Automatically mines ores, you are able to upgrade this minion in order to unlock new ores.
  • Collector - Automatically sells items to the /shop in a set radius. You are able to upgrade this minion to increase the range of the minions effective range.
  • Slayer - Automatically slays mobs in a set area. You are able to upgrade this minion to increase the range of the minions effective range.
  • Farmer - Automatically produces crops (sugarcane, cactus) which you are able to sell. Upgrade this minion in order to speed up the process.

You are able to purchase Minions on our store -

Found in spawn via our long bridges, you are able to find deserted islands that are infested with raiders, pirates, and critters. You are able to kill these mobs for loot!

We have lots of passive custom enchants that cannot be used for PvP. We have looked at recent polls and player complaints and decided upon this change. Custom Enchants will not affect PvP in any sort of way.

This is mainly to keep PvP enjoyable and fair for all players.

We want Oneblock to be as balanced as possible for all players. Introducing the BlackMarket. The BlackMarket is an exclusive shop that can be accessed by everyone. The BlackMarket is enabled every Weekend and each week, the items rotate (meaning new items every week). You are able to purchase these items with in-game money. You are able to find the escaped prisoner in the exploding Volcano in Spawn!

We have a brand new automated competition system! Competitions are tasks that players can complete for rewards. The top 3 players who try the hardest during these competitions will win in-game prizes!

The following competitions are available: Fishing, Mining, Mob Slaying!

You are able to complete several missions in order to gain money, valuables, and more. These jobs include but are not limited to Mining Wood, Farming, and Killing Mobs. Similar to our Survival Realms, you can select 1 job at a time and quit at any time. This is a great way to get some quick and easy starting money to expand your island.

There is so much more already live on the server and much more to come in the future. We plan on updating Oneblock every 1-2 weeks to keep content fresh and keep the community engaged and happy.

Inventory Pets are items that can be obtained from Crates. Each pet has a special effect that can be leveled up by right clicking the pet

Pet Types

πŸž„ Chicken
πŸž„ Pig
πŸž„ Sheep
πŸž„ Wolf
πŸž„ Dragon
πŸž„ & much more!

Oneblock is releasing on Saturday, March 19th, at 3PM EST.

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Oneblock is releasing Saturday 19th at 3PM EST.

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