Origins Season II - January 15 @ 2PM EST

Origins Season II - January 15 @ 2PM EST

Hello, Player.

Origins was our first realm on MineGlobe and it has been a huge success which our entire team is proud of. The realm has seen many changes and updates however, it's become clear that it is too populated. As per the rumors, Origins will be reset, and here are the reasons why.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Origins will be getting whitelisted on Wednesday at 2PM EST to begin the reset process. Olympia will still remain open!

We have decided to reset Origins as it has been up for a large period of time and the whole map has been griefed and looted. Since Origins was our first Earth realm on MineGlobe, we've had many bug exploits and dupe glitches that have ruined the economy, so it's better to have a reset. Additionally, Origins is currently run off old software which is negatively impacting our performance enhances across the whole network - so this means when Origins-v2 comes out, performance will be amazing. Lastly, we want to upgrade from 1.16 to 1.18 as it's the most played game version of 2021 - so this gives us a chance to expand into other communities and allow more players on the server.

Resetting the server means players will lose absolutely everything (Bases, Money, Mobcoins, Private Vaults, Enderchest, and so on). If you have purchased items on Origins (such as keys), these key reward items will also be taken away - however - more information regarding this can be found below.

If you purchased a rank, that rank will transfer over to the new realm/reset. If you purchased tags, ranks, tokens, and pets they will also transfer over to the new realm/reset.

If you purchased Origins items on our store ( between the 1st of January & the 15th of January, your packages will be resent on buycraft. You will automatically get these purchased items when you log in after the reset.

Origins will be getting a completely new look with a new color scheme to fit our new server standards. Also, Origins will be getting all of the current Olympia and some more upgraded performance enhances to make sure players have a lag-free experience.

At MineGlobe, we listen to our community and we love our community. We love our dedicated staff team and we love running and making a server enjoyable for everyone. This new Origins realm will be a lot less Pay2Win - we will be having lots of freeways players can gain OP items free of charge. This has been a highly requested change and we are making it happen.

Origins will have new gameplay features to make the experience 10x more enjoyable. Some of our key features that are being included for release:

➥ 1.18 Earth Map (1:500 Scale)

Using an upgraded 1.18 Earth Map gives MineGlobe players the opportunity to explore underneath y0u. With the recent 1.18 update adding caves and cliffs, new mobs & blocks - we hope this will bring MineGlobe players on every single day exploring and grinding to come out on top.

➥ New Builds

Origins V2 has a fresh set of high-quality, homemade builds. This includes a new PVP Arena, new Spawn and so much more!

➥ Enhanced Fishing Mechanics

Our brand new enhanced fishing gives a twist to /warp PvP. Since this feature is only enabled in the PVP world, fishing here will give you great and rare items which you cannot obtain anywhere else - be careful though, anyone can kill you and steal all of your loot!

➥ New Shop & Economy

We have a brand new shop on Origins-V2 with balanced out prices for blocks, armor, tools & so on. Additionally, the new shop has new sell prices in it - the idea is that the economy should not be broken in the first 3-4 weeks like Origins did before - so it will be slightly harder to get some spawners and millions of dollars.

➥ Claim Upgrades

Adding claim upgrades gives our players something to work towards. Upgrading your claim gives you access to many bonuses such as Faster Spawners & Faster Crops - which is a huge advantage and definitely worth the grind in order to unlock.

➥ Daily Rewards

Due to high player demand, we have developed a brand new daily reward system. Once a day, you will be able to type the command /daily in order to receive an item. There are 4 possible rewards you are able to get: 25 Tokens, 30XP Levels, $25,000 & 2h Flight Time.

➥ ... and much more!

We plan to release new features every 1-2 weeks to keep content enjoyable and to keep the server from going dull. From now on, expect weekly/bi-weekly update logs with new features - if you have any cool ideas feel free to suggest them in our discord!

I want to stress that if you purchased a rank on Origins, you will NOT have to purchase another rank - this is simply a renaming of ranks - so no one needs to have a panic attack about ranks.

  • Netherite is now called GlowSquid
  • Emerald is now called Dolphin
  • Diamond is now called Pufferfish
  • Gold  is now called Axolotl
  • Iron is now called Turtle

All of these new ranks have their own custom perks and kits which come along with the rank. Each rank is unique in its own way and they are definitely worth looking into. Fun Fact: Glowsquid changes color on tab, cool eh?

Origins V2 will be released on January 15th at 2PM EST. We hope this is a convenient time for all time zones and we hope to see you all there for this amazing revamp. Not sure what time the server releases for you? Convert your timezone using

We want to stress that this had to happen, regardless of what players thought. The state of the current Origins map is horrendous and it is not attracting new players anymore - people are unable to find places to build a house and overall, the economy is broken. The Origins map was 1:1500 which was ridiculously small, so we made this new map much larger (1:500) to prevent this from happening again! We hope that you understand our decisions and we hope to see you on release!

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➥ Bedrock Port: 19132

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