MineGlobe September Changelog

MineGlobe September Changelog

In the ever-evolving realm of MineGlobe, the month of September has been a whirlwind of exciting transformations and enhancements. Join us as we delve into the recent changelogs, spotlighting the key updates that have elevated your gaming adventure.

September 10th: Survival Revamps

On September 10th, the dedicated MineGlobe team turned its attention to enhancing the Survival mode. Here's a glimpse of the notable improvements:

  • /repair Command Fixed: You can now wield the power of the /repair command without encountering any glitches.
  • Vouchers Smoothly Operational: Vouchers now operate seamlessly, offering you the rewards and benefits you deserve.
  • Protection Level 6 Restored: The elusive Protection Level 6 is now back, ensuring your safety while embarking on daring exploits in the Survival world.

These fixes were meticulously implemented to create a more stable and enjoyable Survival experience for all our players.

September 16th: Heroes Ascend!

The heroes of MineGlobe received a substantial boost on September 16th with an array of exciting updates:

  • Rank Kits in Full Swing: Heroes can now fully reap the benefits of their rank kits, enhancing their prowess.
  • Enhanced Ranks GUI: A user-friendly GUI has been introduced to simplify the management of rank-related items and abilities.
  • Improved Super Power Selector Location: The super power selector mission is now conveniently located at spawn, easily accessible with the /spawn command.
  • Vanilla Item Dropping: Corpses have been disabled, ensuring a more authentic gaming experience with item drops.
  • Spawn Teleportation on Demise: In times of misfortune, you'll now swiftly return to spawn, reducing downtime.
  • New /help GUI: Understanding game mechanics and getting started is now more straightforward with the new /help GUI.
  • Working Homes for Ranks: Enjoy the convenience of using the /home command for your ranks.
  • Chat Cooldown Bypass for Ranks: Rank holders can now communicate more seamlessly with chat cooldowns bypassed.

These enhancements have elevated the Heroes gameplay, making it more accessible and enjoyable.

September 20th: Bug Eradication

As September progressed, the MineGlobe team continued their diligent work to eliminate any lingering issues:

  • Armor and Item Movement Fixed: A bug that hindered players from moving certain armor pieces and items in their chests has been resolved, ensuring a seamless inventory management experience.

With this final fix for September, MineGlobe continues to provide a top-notch gaming experience, free from any pesky bugs.

In summary, September has been a month of remarkable progress and fine-tuning on MineGlobe. From bolstering the stability of the Survival mode to empowering Heroes with thrilling new features and quality-of-life improvements, these updates are a testament to the unwavering dedication of the MineGlobe team in delivering an exceptional gaming environment. We are eagerly anticipating the future developments on MineGlobe as they persist in evolving and enriching the player experience. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates in the upcoming months!

And now, let's incorporate the new updates:

September 21: Survival Enhancements

  • [Survival] A Golden Apple cooldown of 30 seconds has been implemented, along with a 2-minute cooldown for god apples.

September 24: More Adjustments

  • [Survival] In the next reboot of Survival, the Lightning custom enchant will only strike lightning 20% of the time.
  • [Gens] The warp to access the boss world has been fixed. Use the command /warp boss or the /warps GUI to venture there.

Custom Enchant Changes:

  • The Blessed enchantment now has a 0.2% chance of activating with just 1 piece at level 1.
  • Enchantment Relics now increase the chance of an enchantment activating by 16%.
  • Blessed now only restores 1/4 of the damage dealt, rather than the full amount.

September 26: Heroes, Earth, and More

  • [Heroes] Homes are now functioning correctly.
  • [Heroes] Player vaults now have 6 rows each for ranks, providing more storage space.
  • [Earth] Gkits are now operational.

September 30: Automated Alerts and Survival Updates

  • [Survival/Heroes/Gens] Auto alerts have been updated, including additions to Heroes and revisions in Gens/Survival.
  • [Survival] No longer broadcasts "Used an enderpearl" when you use an enderpearl.
  • [Survival] The command that allowed you to use the auction house in PvP has been disabled.

These continuous improvements underscore our commitment to ensuring a rich and enjoyable MineGlobe experience for our dedicated players. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates on the horizon!