Skyblock Season II [Releases Saturday the 26th at 3PM EST]

Oneblock will be changed to Skyblock for this Season. šŸ“… Season II of Skyblock releases this Saturday at 3PM EST!

Skyblock Season II [Releases Saturday the 26th at 3PM EST]

Hey everyone! šŸ‘‹

Oneblock will be changed to Skyblock for this Season. We've already announced our reasoning behind this on our discord (

šŸ“… Season II of Skyblock has some of the BEST features crafted from the bottom up!

We've completely redefined our original Oneblock and revamped literally every aspect of the server. I truly hope you guys will enjoy this Season as we've put months of effort into this.

Now, let's get into the cool parts :)

šŸŽØ Island Creation

Since we're no longer pursuing the Oneblock gamemode, we've added a BRAND NEW Island Creation Menu! This new menu gives you guys 3 options for choosing a starter Island!

  • Normal Island - It's a pretty basic island that is super flat, perfect for building
  • Den - This island is massive! It has a house, a few trees, perfect for the casual player.
  • Hidden Outpost - The biggest of the 3, contains a massive MANSION.

(You will be prompted to create an island when you first join Skyblock)

āš™ļø Island Management

With true Globe fashion, we went ahead and created an entire management system for Skyblock! Now, when you do /is it will open the Island Management menu.

You can easily access the most important features of your island directly through this menu!

(New Island Members Menu)

šŸ¦Ž Battle Pets

Battle Pets are making their way onto Skyblock! With this new feature, we're completely getting rid of Inventory Pets and wholeheartedly focusing on Battle Pets!


Battle Pets are pets that are attained simply by joining the server! You can get your own Battle Pet when you first log in.

(You are given a Random Legendary Pet Egg)

You can equip a pet simply by clicking the item. All players can equip 1 pet but donator ranks can equip 2 pets

View your pets by doing /pet.

Battle Pet Types:

  • Inquisitive Pet - Gives more XP
  • Leviathan Pet - Increases damage by 30% while you receive 20% more damage
  • Warden Pet - Take 40% less damage
  • Lust Pet - Buffs nearby spawners by 30%
  • Agriculture Pet - Buffs nearby crops to grow 60% faster
  • Minion Pet - Buffs nearby minions by 300%
  • Grand Adventurer Pet - Buffs warzone monster drops by 20%

Battle Pets will become an essential part of the Skyblock gameplay, that is the reason we're giving out a free one to all players.

Upgrade Information

  • Battle Pets can be upgraded to Level 100. They require Battle Points which can be obtained through fighting & killing Warzone Monsters.

You can also get Battle Pets from Lootboxes!

āœØ Minions Revamp

Minions are one of our core features. They're also the coolest feature we have on Globe. As such, we've revamped them with player feedback and suggestions.

  • Upgrading a minion now requires not just money but also another Minion of the same level & type.
  • Minions now require a lot less Money to upgrade
  • Minions have been buffed considerably so they're much more worth it!
  • All new players will be given a random soulbound minion when they first join.
  • Default players can now only place 1 minion, while ranked players can place more than 1.
  • Resolved some bugs with Minions
  • Minion graphics have been updated slightly

šŸ›’ Spawner Upgrades & Shop

Spawner Upgrades are making their way onto Skyblock!
You can use your money to upgrade your spawner stack.

  • Experience Upgrade - Upgrade the amount of Experience spawner Mobs drop. Perfect for your EXP Farms
  • Spawn Rate Upgrade - Upgrade the speed at which the spawner spawns monsters.
  • Spawn Amount Upgrade - Upgrade the number of monsters that spawn each time
  • Mob Drops Upgrade - Upgrade the number of drops the spawner mobs drop! Perfect for your farms!

Spawner Shop!

Spawners are now inside the /shop!

šŸ’ø Economy Rework

The economy has been completely reworked from the ground up to support all types of players! There's now a plethora of ways to make money and it's not just concentrated with crates or spawners.

  • Sugarcane is extremely valuable now
  • Pumpkins make a LOT of money!

āš”ļø Warzone Overhaul

We have completely overhauled the Warzone!

There are now new monsters, KOTHs on EVERY ISLAND, and MORE RESOURCES!

Island Checkpoints

If you discover an island, you'll be given access to directly teleport to that island through the /warzone command!

To discover an island, you must stay inside that island for at least 20 seconds.

PvP Islands

We have made it so certain islands have PvP enabled and certain ones have them disabled.

This will be our substitute for the /warp pvp. Each island that has a Koth will have PvP Enabled. Furthermore, you'll be directly able to teleport to the islands that have PvP enabled so it's pretty much just a Warp PvP!


Islands now have farming!
There are crops scattered all around each island. For example, the nether island has Nether Wart, and the Birch Island has wheat!

These crops replenish every 30 seconds!

So stack up your Island Points by farming these crops!

šŸ—ļø Treasure Chests Overhaul

Treasure Chests have always been at the core of MineGlobe however, we've repeatedly failed to balance them.

For Season II, we went back to the drawing boards for Treasure Chests and redid the loottable from scratch.

Treasure Chests no longer give OP Gkit Items. They contain vanilla items and our custom items including but not limited to:

  • Custom Enchantment Books
  • Custom Enchantment Runes
  • Enchantment Extractors
  • Slot Extensions
  • Experience Bottles
  • Money Pouches
  • Spawners
  • Diamond Gear
  • Netherite Gear
  • Battle Pet Eggs (Only Legendary)
  • Sell Wands
  • Trench Pickaxes
  • & a lot more!

Treasure Chest Locations have also been redone completely. They're now more scattered and in hidden locations. But we always reward exploration! :)

šŸ„‡ Island Top Overhaul

Island Top has been overhauled to include more challenging and competitive fun!

From now on Island Top will be based on Island Points rather than Island Value. Island Points can be earned through various in-game activities including Warzone Exploration, Competition, KoTHs, and more!

Here are the current ways to get Island Points:

  • Competitions (/comp) - Earn 10,000 Island Points from competitions! We've made a few changes to them to ensure they're amazing!
  • Warzone Monsters - Earn 50 Island Points from killing Warzone Monsters! They're worth the challenge!
  • Warzone Resource Gathering - Farming & Mining in the warzone will give you 2 Island Points.
  • KoTHS - Earn 15,000 Island Points from winning KoTHs!

There are generally various ways to gain Island Points, however, to ensure newer players always have a fair spot at the top, we're implementing a bi-weekly reset.

Every 2 weeks, all island points are reset, thus, restarting the leaderboards!

šŸ† Island Top Rewards

We're rewarding our TOP Players with in-game goodies!

The Top 3 islands in the /island top leaderboard will receive the following every other week. This essentially allows newer islands and players to have a fair shot every time!

Rewards Islands

  • #1 - $25 Store Giftcard
  • #2 - $15 Store Giftcard
  • #3 - $7 Store Giftcard

šŸ„ˆ Competition Changes

With competitions taking a greater role in the Island Leaderboards, we've implemented 3 new competitions and made a lot of changes to existing competitions!

New Competitions

  • Lumber Competition - Mine the most wood logs to win!
  • Enchanting Competition - Enchant the most items to win!
  • Brewing Competition - Brew the most potions to win!

General Changes

  • Competitions last at least 30 minutes now while some last even 60 minutes
  • Improved the /competition command! It will now display a message alongside the top 5 ranking and your personal ranking in the competition.
  • Improved other aspects of competition.

Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Bank Notes are now completely working again.
  • Added a minor Sell Tax for all ranks including default (Super low)
  • Revamped Sell Wands & Added Trench Picks (Including Trench Pick Upgrades)
  • Ranks have been buffed & their perks have been clarified
  • Revamped the scoreboard
  • All Gkits have been heavily buffed
  • Removed /is values & /is value command
  • Removed /is chest command
  • Gkits have been removed from Token Shop
  • Gkits have been added to the store
  • Revamped all of the crates
  • Added a new Brand new Lootbox
  • Islands are now limited to only 6 members
  • Added brand new rank prefixes


Our team has worked extremely hard to provide you guys with this update. As such, here's a list of everyone that has worked on this release.

  • GeneX - Battle Pets, Sell Tax, Warzone Updates & more!
  • ScoreboardAPI - Treasure Chest Updates, Sell Wands & Trench Picks Rework, & Minion Updates
  • Mecke - Configuration & balancing & testing
  • Aboscuss - Configuration & balancing & testing
  • Kobi - Transferring and setting up the Skyblock from dev to prod
  • BlazingTide - Wrote this blog, organized the whole release, Island Management, Island Create, Island Members, balancing & design, Competition Updates, Island Top Rework, Spawner Upgrades, Economy Rework & balancing, & Minion Changes

See you guys on Saturday!