The Great Reset πŸ‘€

The Great Reset πŸ‘€

Let's face it, MineGlobe is no longer fun for many existing and old players. I know many of you will absolutely hate this major change, however, this is needed for the server. This reset will ensure there's fresh content and new updates without ruining old gameplay.

In this article, I will explain every change and update this reset will have. πŸ‘‡

Items reset/kept:

These are the items that you will keep:

  • Ranks
  • Tags
  • Pets
  • Backpack
  • & all cosmetics like trails

These are the items you will loose:

  • Inventory
  • Ender Chest
  • Money
  • Player Vaults
  • Levels
  • XP
  • & all other in-game items

Removed Features ❌

When discussing this reset, we evaluated every aspect of our server and gameplay mechanic. We wanted to remove any feature that we didn't believe would be fun. So these are the removed features. πŸ‘‡

  • Custom Enchants (Includes custom enchanted books)
  • Inventory Pets
  • 3x3 Tools
  • McMMO
  • Job
  • Gkits

There are various reasons for removing these features. If you have questions, feel free to create a ticket on our discord (

😊 Punishments Reset

Everyone deserves a second chance! So, we're giving everyone another chance to play the server! On Wednesday, all punishments including Bans & Blacklists will be reset!

πŸ†•Resource World

The resource world is a separate world that cannot be claimed and resets every week. The resource world is unlike any other world, it has a completely different world generation!


πŸ†•Warp PvP & KoTHS & Supply Drops

We have completely changed the Warp PvP! It now includes Traps, multiple KoTHS, dropdowns, and more!

  • Supply Drops have been completely buffed & revamped!
  • There are now 4 KoTHs in /warp PVP.
  • KoTHs are now more frequent and run during all time zones!

πŸ†•One-time /reclaim

All donator ranks can now use the command /reclaim to receive a 1-time reclaim of various keys!


To celebrate the reset. We're creating brand new ranks that will represent all of our realms.

  • Ghast
  • Blaze
  • Enderman
  • Dragon
  • Warden Top Rank

If you previously had a rank on Olympia, Origins, or Mystic, you will receive the same tier rank on the reset!

πŸ”₯Revamped Features

We have completely revamped multiple aspects of the server! Below is a simple description of the change. Join the server to see them in action :)


Brand new bosses! They've been removed from the store, and can only be obtained in-game through Battle Pass or other items.

  • Bosses will spawn in /warp pvp periodically.

🏬XP Shop

XPShop now contains hundreds of more items and armor that have varying protection values. This essentially replaces the jobs shop!

πŸ“œClue Scrolls

Clue Scrolls' loot is much better! It contains keys, bosses, and even ranks! Legendary Clue Scrolls are now much much better and more fruitful.

πŸ›οΈBlack Market

Black Market has been fixed, it works now haha. The black market loot table is also much better, contains clue scrolls, bosses, keys, ranks, and even custom armor!

🎫Battle Pass

Battle Pass loot has been debuffed by a small margin. However, they contain much better loot now.

πŸͺΆFlight Shop

Purchasing temp fly now costs much more. You can also buy more hours at a time than before.

🏰New Spawn

We have a brand new spawn! It's much bigger and contains a lot more hidden mysteries than all other spawns. It's right for exploring!

πŸ—οΈCrate Updates

The crates have also been completely revamped. Notably, we've removed the vehicle crate and added vehicles to every crate. Crystal Crate is making its return this week!

βš”οΈGlobal PvP

PvP is enabled everywhere! Turn it on via the command /togglepvp.

Play with us Saturday at 3PM EST by running the command /survival!