Top Voters & Winter Build Competition

Top Voters & Winter Build Competition

Top Voters:πŸŽ‰

From now on we will be rewarding those who have voted for the server the most. The top 5 voters of every month will receive in game rewards. We want to give back to the players that vote for the server and help it grow and this is how it will work. We will calculate the 5 winners by counting up who has voted the most across all of the vote websites at the end of every month, then those top 5 players will be rewarded, then at the Β begging of every month we will start counting everyone's votes from zero again to keep it fair.

This Months Winners Are:πŸ†

First place:πŸ₯‡ - KungfuPanda83900 [2000 Tokens ]

Second Place:πŸ₯ˆ - fikus4845 [1500 Tokens]

Third Place:πŸ₯‰ - _Scarydadgaming [1000 Tokens]

Fourth Place:πŸ₯‰ - TechnoFizz [750 Tokens]

Fifth Place:πŸ₯‰ - AltsJasons [500 Tokens]

Massive thank you to the above people for there continued support for the server. If you see them in game make sure to congratulate them. If you are one of these people and your wondering how to claim your prize, you should already have them in game. Tokens are usable on either Origins & Olympia so it doesn't matter what realm you play.

Winter Build Competition:πŸŽ„

The winter build competition has come to a close, and the winners have been decided. There will be 3 winners, these 3 people will receive in-game rewards. We would like to thank everyone that submitted a build, and just because you didn't win it doesn't mean your build was bad. There will be more build competitions in the future, so if you didn't win you will always have another chance.


first place:πŸ₯‡ - 3rd Highest Rank (Server of choice)

Second place:πŸ₯ˆ - 2000 Tokens (Server of choice)

Third place:πŸ₯‰ - 3x 2022 Keys (Server of choice)

Winner #1 - SemGamerNL πŸ†

Winner #2 - TinnyDomm πŸ†

Winner #3 - SoccerPro45873 πŸ†

Massive congratulations to the above winners, Open a ticket in the discord to claim your prizes.

Final Words:❀️

Thank you for taking your time to read this Post! We are eager to know about your thoughts on MineGlobe and we are also very eager to hear about your suggestions and what we could to do to make the player experience even better!

Join our discord ( today and let us know!

Log on today to experience an adventure like no other! ( We currently support 1.16.5 and above, bedrock players are able to join using the port 19132. See you soon!