MineGlobe - Weekly Recap #3

MineGlobe - Weekly Recap #3

Hello, player!

Welcome to MineGlobe's Weekly Recap where we go over everything what has been changed and added to our 1.17 earth survival server! This week, we have a lot of new, exciting features we cannot wait to show you! Without further a do, let's dive right into this Weekly Recap!

Brand New Halloween Spawn

We are happy to announce that we have released our Halloween Themed Spawn. There are a lot of hidden things to discover in this spawn and many cool places to visit and show your friends!

Revamped Tutorial Page & Information

We have recently revamped our Tutorial Page. This page contains all the information you would ever need to know about MineGlobe and how to play to the best of your ability!

Check out our recently revamped page -

New Periodic Broadcasts & Information

We have just fully revamped our broadcast messages ingame! We have a total of 9 automatic broadcasts in chat, such as: Staff Applications, Halloween Sale & World Map.

Check them out in-game ( and let us know your feedback in the discord! (

Stacked Spawners & Mob Stacking

We are pleased to announce a new feature to MineGlobe. Stacking Spawners & Mobs will reduce over-all lag and improve performance dramatically. Simply, place spawners down and they will automatically stack. See screenshot for clarification on what stacked spawners would look like (

Bug Fixes & New Features

  • BUG: Bedrock Players are now able to join on the latest Bedrock Version
  • BUG: Nitro Tag has been completely fixed and revamped
  • NEW: Vehicles will no longer take any sort of damage
  • NEW: You are now able to claim in the Nether & The End


In the upcoming weeks we are pleased to announce we will be adding many new, custom features what no other server has.

Make sure you check frequently in our discord ( #sneakpeaks to be the first to know! Additionally, we will be making seperate posts for upcoming custom features!

Final Words

Thank you for taking your time to read this Weekly Recap! We are eager to know about your thoughts on MineGlobe and we are also very eager to hear about your suggestions and what we could to do to make the player experience even better!

Join our discord ( today and let us know!

Log on today to experience an adventurer like no other! ( We currently support 1.16.5 and above, bedrock players are able to join using the port 19132. See you soon!