Welcome to MineGlobe

Welcome to MineGlobe

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Greetings, Player!

MineGlobe has come very far in our 2 months of release. We started off like everybody, small and not known. Now we are one of the leading earth servers in this lovely community. A lot of work, a lot of time has been put into making MineGlobe one of the best player experiences out there. Moving on, without further adieu, let's look into some awesome features that MineGlobe will be bringing to the Earth community.

Earth Realm

Minecraft Earth is a classic gamemode which all players love and cherish. Earth has been around for many years and recently it has blew up. It's a survival gamemode featuring a 1:500 replica of our beautiful, real-life Earth. This means that you could recreate your own house, local village or even the captial of your own country!

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MineGlobe offers a lot of enhanced gameplay features to make the player experience even better. Without further adieu, let's get into some of them shall we?

• A 1:500 replica of Earth in Minecraft.

• A live map of the Earth realm which can be viewed here.

• Tiers which can be unlocked by simply playing on the realm.

• Over 1000 quests to complete and explore.

• Over 500 jobs to complete and explore.

• Custom Armor and Tools which can be accessed by everyone.

• Enhanced teleportation system to easily get around the Earth.

• Land Claiming & Private Chests to secure your loot.

• ... and so much more and to come in the future!

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Final Words

Greetings, player!

I hope you have enjoyed our quick introduction page into our Earth realm and MineGlobe itself. It's awesome, I know and the MineGlobe community, staff-team & management team cannot wait to see you join us on our amazing adventure!

Useful Links

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• Bedrock Port: 19132

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We hope you enjoy your experience on MineGlobe, just as much as our other players have!

There is a lot more planned and coming in the future what we cannot wait to release and talk about!