🌎What is MineGlobe?

🌎What is MineGlobe?
If you are an average Minecraft player, you should have been in this situation at least once.

Excited to play, you sit down to chill for a bit in the weekend or after a long day of school. You have decided to make a new single-player world and jump into new adventures. After completing most of the game in three hours, boredom comes by and you just wanna have fun. Then the thought that the game has multiplayer comes to mind, but it brings us to the other tricky part, that we have to find a server that suits your style of playing.

Which for most players can be very difficult and takes a long time.
Well, I have a solution for you.
It's called: "MINEGLOBE"

Yeah, I know, but hear me out, ok? It may not seem like much, when you look at it at first : "Another basic server"

This isn't quite right, MineGlobe is the best combination of Survival, PvP, Building and much more.

💻The server supports CrossPlay🎮

This means that you, a Bedrock player and your friend, who is a Java player can play together on the same server and have fun with the same capabilities.

✨What is so special about the server?

  • We have wonderful & friendly community which is made up of younger players, teenagers and even adults.
  • We have a fantastic staff team that prevents people from abusing & cheating.
  • We have great Anti-Cheat system.
  • We do weekly Giveaways for Incredible Prizes that you don't wanna miss out on.
  • We got an easy access support in Discord:

💡What can you do on MineGlobe:

  • You can make an amazing open or secret base to play with your friends without worrying that it can be destroyed, because each player can claim his territory, which stops others to steal or grief it.
  • You are able to make a Clan with you friends and start grinding to become the best one.
  • You can try to obtain every single custom item that we have and become the richest by having the most money.
  • You can enchant , add our special custom enchants to make your personal armor and tools even stronger.
  • You can dominate the others in /warp PvP and become the best Pvper.
  • We have a special resourceworld that you can visit by using /resourceworld.
  • We have Minions that make grinding on Skyblock easier.
  • We have in-game currency called Tokens that you can use in /tokenshop.

💥Special Features

  • Exclusive Custom Armor which is only available in our server
  • Amazing Custom Backpacks, Hats, Wands and much more.
  • New OneBlock technology which is making your Island more functional.
  • Mind-blowing Crates that you can find incredible items in.
  • Cool GUI's that make menus simpler and easy to use.
  • Custom Enchants.
  • Custom Blocks.
  • Custom Pet-Skins.
  • Custom Tags.
  • Special Hub and Spawn
  • And much more
If what you just read has you even a little intrigued, you might wanna give MineGlobe a chance.
Join for Java and 19132 port for Bedrock

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