Winter on MineGlobe

Winter on MineGlobe

Greetings, Player! MineGlobe's Management Team has been working behind the scenes and around the clock for approximately 2 months now to deliver an amazing Christmas update experience. We are extremely excited to show the new and improved MineGlobe to the public. So without further ado, let's get right into it!

Website Updates

Our Graphics Design team has been working around the clock to design and release a brand new, eye-catching, and interactive website for our players to visit. On this new and improved site, you are able to view organized, detailed blog posts, view the fully updated server rules, and check out our voting sites which give you awesome benefits!

Store Updates

Additionally, our Graphics Design team has been working around the clock to design and release a brand new, eye-catching server store for our players! This store offers an improved shopping experience and offers many more interactive options when it comes to purchasing items in our store. We have recently also introduced a new reward for the monthly top donator - the top donator of each month will receive items on MineGlobe in return for their incredible support!

Token Shop

Approximately, for the past 2 months, our development team has been working around the clock to open a new economy on MineGlobe. This economy is called Tokens. Tokens will replace your generic crates, tags, and sell-wands that can be purchased on your favorite Minecraft server stores and instead, make it so you can buy everything in-game with tokens via /tokenshop. Simply, purchase the number of tokens you desire on our store and then you will be able to purchase anything you want in-game. This will be a global feature, if you buy tokens then you can use the tokens on either Olympia or Origins!

Purchase tokens via -

Advent Calendar

This may not look appealing at first, however, the advent calendar is a unique system that has been added exclusively for Christmas. Every day, if you log on (Starting December 1st), you will be able to redeem a free reward. However, if you miss a day then you will not be able to redeem that day's reward. Some of the rewards include Custom Armour, Spawners, Money and so much more! You are able to view the advent calendar with /adventcalendar or find Santa in spawn!

Friends System

Ever wanted to know if your friends are online? Every wanted to know what server your friends are playing on. Now you can with our brand new friends system. This system allows you to add and remove friends on our server. Additionally, it notifies you if your friend logs on or off the server - which has been a highly requested feature recently. This new system should be going live in the next few days, make sure to join our to be notified when it is exactly live.

Final Words

We really hope you are excited just as much as we are. We have worked countless hours to get a high quality update out for our first ever Winter on MineGlobe. There is much more to come in the future and we will be making many more blog posts to ensure our players are fully up-to date with all the changes we are making to MineGlobe!