Exploration Update | Survival

Exploration Update | Survival

Greetings, player! πŸ‘‹

Today, we're releasing the Exploration Update on Survival! This update was directly planned through your suggestions and frequent polls.

As such, we really hope you check this update out!

πŸ–ΌοΈ New Menu

As per our previous blog post (, we're completely changing our creative direction.

That means we're 100% committing to creating actually good-looking menus with the most accessible UI.

(/explore, /rtp)

For Bedrock Players - Since creating this type of UI is not possible on Bedrock, we've implemented a regular UI for Bedrock.

They won't see a mess of paper and random characters, but rather items laid out in a clean fashion. Β 

πŸ‚ Resource World

Finally! We're releasing the resource world. This has honestly taken just way too long. And that was completely our fault. But, to make it up, we've made sure to PERFECT resource world.


You'll be able to go to the resource world through the /explore command.

Simply select the bottom left image and begin exploring a hand-crafted world filled with mystery, hundreds of biomes, and even great loot!


🌎 Earth

We're going back to the roots of MineGlobe. All our OG players remember MineGlobe's first earth map where we had an extremely tiny earth world but big dreams! Well, we're re-releasing an earth world but bigger!

Map Details

  • Map Size: 75k x 40k
  • Claiming: Enabled

πŸ—ΊοΈ Live Map

With the many types of worlds, we thought it'd be best to release a Live Map for all players to enjoy!

It's honestly quite sad that we even had to remove it, however, we've resolved all the problems with the existing Map systems to ensure our Live Map stays up!

Visit the Map:

βš”οΈ New Warp PvP!

As per player suggestions, we've completely changed our Warp PvP.

It is now much smaller, and contains a lot less obstacles to make PvP even more fun and entertaining!

Check it out now! /warp pvp

Misc Changes.

  • We're now using 1.19.2 as the base version, however, we still support versions lower than 1.19.2.
  • We do not have Chat Reporting enabled.
  • KOTH & Boss spawning has been disabled in /warp pvp until further notice.
  • Chat Colors are disabled until further notice. We're replacing them with a much better system very soon!
  • Implemented the NEW staff ranks on tab!
  • Modified the scoreboard to include the same icons as Lifesteal!
  • Modified all the NPCs in /spawn to have actual skins

We really hope you are excited just as much as we are. We have worked countless hours to get a high-quality update out for you guys. There is much more to come in the future and we will be making many more blog posts to ensure our players are fully up-to-date with all the changes we are making to MineGlobe!